We recognise and encourage excellence through a programme of awards and provide support in kind through giving time, passing on skills and utilising the wealth of experience within the Company.

We support a range of charities, mainly in London and also in our flagship schools’ regional areas.

The Tallow Chandlers’ Company's principal purpose is to support, through financial and other means, disadvantaged young people and to promote educational and vocational excellence, including youth organisations. Specifically, support is focused in Greater London (but not exclusively so) towards:

  • Disadvantaged young people, principally students at the three flagship schools and the regions around them (more below) to enable them to have the opportunity to succeed in life 
  • Smaller charities, where modest donations can have a high impact 
  • Educational excellence 
  • Vocational and youth initiatives to inspire alternative routes into life-long learning and sustainable employment 

Our Flagship Schools

The Company’s support to three flagship schools are long-term commitments. Financial and non-financial giving has included: 

  • Annual donations 
  • Capital projects 
  • Free use of Tallow Chandlers’ Hall for school activities, such as mock interviews and ‘Dragons' Dens’ 
  • Mentoring by Company members 
  • Support to the governance of the schools 
  • Student award winners who become part of the Company’s alumni and who potentially can become members of the Company in the future 
  • Support to charities and youth organisations in the ‘footprint’ of the schools so that support is extended to outside the school gates 

To find out more about our Flagships, take a look at our Education & Awards page below.

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